North Hartford Promise Zone Project Proposal Form


In collaboration, the North Hartford Promise Zone (NHPZ) and the University of Connecticut (UConn) are requesting project proposals. NHPZ based organizations that submit proposals in alignment with stated NHPZ goals will be reviewed for a community-university partnership. Through these partnerships UConn will strive to align its resources (by way of faculty and students) to organizations as part of a partnership where each entity has equal stake in the activities and outcomes. In the spirit of reciprocity all stakeholders should benefit; community partners, students, and faculty. The community partner will benefit through projects realized, students will benefit from a valuable applied community based educational experience, and for faculty, benefits will lie in relationships built in and with the community.

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Projects can be considered for the following types of partnerships:

  • Service Learning Course Collaborations
  • Intern Positions
  • Faculty Partnership
  • Research Team Partnership
  • One-time Volunteer Positions
  • Independent Study
  • Work Study


Projects will be reviewed with the following: (1) how the project aligns with one or more of the NHPZ goals, and (2) the availability of UConn faculty and students with the need, knowledge, and skills for the proposed projects. Please allow 4 weeks for a preliminary response to your project proposal.

*The NHPZ administrators and UConn will select three (3) projects during the pilot period. The projects selected will begin either in the fall semester 2017 (August to December) or spring semester 2018 (January to April) depending on the factors noted above.

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