Month: April 2015

UCC in Action: Student Partners Present Designs

In March, students from Kristin Schwab’s Environmental Planning & Landscape Design course and Peter Miniutti’s Landscape Architecture Design Capstone course presented their work to representatives from Bridgeport. David Kooris, Director of the Office of Planning and Economic Development, and Jeff Leichtman, Bridgeport Regional Business Council, engaged with students in the design studio on the Storrs campus, providing critical feedback and an authentic audience for the students’ work. The plans presented shared different visions for the continued development of Bridgeport’s Eco-Technology Park, the central focus of the spring 2015 UCC collaboration between UConn and Bridgeport. The partnership continues to provide rich benefits to all involved: UConn students gain practical experience embedded in authentic contexts, while at the same time offering a wealth of knowledge and ideas to support Bridgeport’s goals.

UCC projects - spring 2015 - 1
David Kooris, Bridgeport Director of Office of Planning and Economic Development, provides feedback on a design for the Eco-Technology Park.
UCC projects - spring 2015 - 2
Jeff Leichtman, Bridgeport Regional Business Council, addresses student partners from UConn’s Landscape Architecture program.
UCC projects - spring 2015 - 3
Bridgeport representatives David Kooris and Jeff Leichtman listen intently while a student presents detailed designs for Bridgeport’s Eco-Technology Park.