Month: October 2014

UConn-Bridgeport Partnership


Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch

On Monday, October 20, representatives from the City of Bridgeport hosted a meeting with a team from the UConn Cities Collaborative (UCC) Steering Committee. UConn is excited to partner with Bridgeport for our UCC pilot semester this spring. Over the next several weeks, representatives from Bridgeport and UConn will collaborate to identify projects with a strong match to UConn courses, providing opportunities for faculty and students to provide expertise to support Bridgeport sustainability goals while also gaining real world experience.

In the photo above, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch speaks passionately about his vision for Bridgeport. He is joined by Carol Polifroni, Director of Public Engagement at the University of Connecticut (far right), and Christopher Anastasi, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Bridgeport (far left), as well as several other Bridgeport and UConn representatives.